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Costis Psychas was diving off the coast of Therassia, an islet in Greece's Aegean Sea, when he first spotted his future dream home. Nestled in a cove at the base of a ruddy cliff, the building had been abandoned for decades and was not much more than a pile of rubble. "I almost didn't see it at first because it was built of red volcanic stones collected from the mountain, so it blends into its environment," he says. What's more, much of the structure was under water. "Which," says this passionate sailor, "is what makes it so special."

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"Costis is quite a dreamer," says his longtime friend, the photographer William Abranowicz, "and a seeker of severe solitude."

"The façade of the circa-1860 house, a former warehouse for a pumice mine, is constructed of volcanic rock gathered on the property."


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