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The Atmosphere at the irish playwhrit George Bernard Shaw's writing hut 

The movable hut in the garden of Shaw's Corner, where Shaw wrote most of his works after 1906, including Pygmalion.

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                                                BERNARD SHAW at Shaw´s Corner is home till 1950

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."

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The Atmosphere at THE FACTORY by Ricardo Bofill

 Via Archidaily
"In 1973 Ricardo Bofill found a disused cement factory, an industrial complex from the turn of the century consisting of over 30 silos, subterranean galleries and huge machine rooms, and he decided to transform it into the head office of Taller de Arquitectura. Remodelling work lasted two years. The factory, abandoned and partially in ruins, was a compendium of surrealist elements: stairs that climbed up to nowhere, mighty reinforced concrete structures that sustained nothing, pieces of iron hanging in the air, huge empty spaces filled nonetheless with magic."

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The Atmosphere in  PENSÂO FAVORITA, Oporto, Portugal

The Atmosphere of  PENSÂO FAVORITA, Oporto, Portugal


    "Fashion dies, but style remains."

"Yves Saint Laurent was a European fashion designer born on August 1, 1936 in Oran, Algeria. As a teen, he left for Paris to work for designer Christian Dior and gained acclaim for his dress designs. In 1966, he launched his own fashion labels, where his adaptations of tuxedos for women garnered him fame. He was the first living designer to receive a solo exhibition in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1983.  read more in ..

                                                                  L´AMOUR FOU
                 " La rencontre  le plus important de la vie c´est la rencontre avec soi même..."