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The Swahili are an urban people, as they grow to adulthood many Zanzibari girls, like their Lamu cousins, learn city ways and can take on a streetwise attitude.

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Country Bath House

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Litle Kulala Lodge, Namibia

Atmospheres by the South African Interior Designer LAURIE OWEN

ABOUT LAURIE OWEN: Laurie Owen is an awarding winning and well respected South African designer.  Her work is Romantic-Organic, this ensures a peaceful surreal experience. She draws inspiration from her environment and surroundings. Her projects have taken her across the globe. Her specialities include boutique hotels, lodges and private residence. Materials used are mainly local, often utilising previously disadvantaged communities. Creating powerful eco-friendly spaces, there is always magic in her work, with the final product giving a great luxurious experience.

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  Wooden Bowls by CHRISTOPH FINKEL

The inspitarion I get from every tree, because each one is different...

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