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The Atmosphere in Hermès’ Chinese Brand Shang Xia

Founded in 2008, Shang Xia’s boutique in Shanghai is all about the art of living and promises a unique encounter with the heritage of Chinese design and craftsmanship. It pursues an ideal of harmonious living: the balance between private life and social surroundings, the equilibrium between traditional countryside tranquility and the modern life and moving between the enjoyment of a “slow life” and an urban “fast pace”.

Shang Xia calls for the best in terms of the product quality. Skilled artisans work with rare woods to make Ming-style furniture.
Master bamboo cutters search remote mountainsides for young bamboo that has never seen the sun – then plait it into pin-thin encasements for porcelain tea cups.
In spring and summer, nomadic tribes people comb the fluffiest cashmere then hand-wash, dry and weave the fibre on traditional looms.

The end result is Shang Xia’s collections of striking furniture, fine decorative objects, exquisite accessories and luxurious scarves, shawls and jackets. Each year Shang Xia creates a series of limited edition “cultural objects”. These collectibles convey messages of tradition, know-how, guardianship, remembrance of tradition and historical heritage.

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The essence of Shang Xia lies in “family, love and the spirit of transmission from one generation to another”. The name of Shang Xia means “up” and “down”, the continuous flow of energy from past, to present and the future.
The artistic director, Qionger Jiang, emphasizes Shang Xia is independent from Hermès. It employs the Chinese materials, Chinese design, Chinese craftsmanship and a Chinese management team.Read more in...

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The Atmosphere in  indoor deserts of Kolmanskop in Namib desert

Once home to hundreds of German miners, seeking their fortune in the Namib desert, today Kolmanskop is slowly vanishing in the desert sands. 

Photographer Álvaro Sánchez-Montañés captured the loneliness of this abandoned town

 In the 1900s workers found diamonds while working in the area and this caused an influx of German miners. And it wasn’t long before the village was born. Kolmanskop had a theater, casino, school, bowling alley and even an ice factory.


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A studio house that Franck Gehry design in 1968 for  artist Ron Davis

Time has a way of domesticating what once seemed radical and avant-garde. In 1968, when Frank Gehry started work on a combined studio and residence in Malibu, California, for artist Ron Davis, the architect was still an outlier, just beginning his revolutionary experiments with forms and materials. Nearly half a century later, Gehry has won virtually every honor his profession has to offer. And the rhomboidal corrugated-metal-clad live/work space he created for Davis? Today it is the warm, artfully decorated home that actor Patrick Dempsey and family...

 "We were looking for a little land and space, and a house with some architectural significance,"

 "The exterior’s simplicity appealed to me, and the inside felt very expansive and calming. Everywhere you looked there was something visually pleasing."

"The house is very warm and communal, and all the vibrant spaces that Gehry devised really inspire creativity"