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Russian- born  French artist 
Painter, Textile Designer and Stage Set Designer

Cofounded the Orphism art movement
Use of strong colours and geometric shapes

working & living
During the 1930s, Sonia Delaunay’s life was divided between fashion design, articles in magazines, interior decorating, and projects for window displays and posters. In 1937, the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne, backed by Léon Blum’s (1872–1950) Popular Front government, solicited the participation of the Delaunays in the decoration of two temporary exhibition buildings: the Pavillon des Chemins de Fer and the Palais de l’Air. Voyages lointains and Portugal, which Sonia painted for the railroad pavilion, were awarded a gold medal....Read more

models in Sonia Delaunay beachwear. 1930´s

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photo@Sergio Calais

private home 1968-1990
fundation from 1992

"For César Manrique, nature was the fundamental reference of his work and his existence and to the end of his days he managed to maintain a profound commitment with the defence of the natural environment and, in concrete, of his native island, Lanzarote...Read more

Built in 1968 on top of a volcanic trail from a volcanic eruption that occurred in 1730-36. It uses, in the lower level, the natural formation of five volcanic bubbles to make an unusual and exemplary living space within a natural space..."

Cactus Garden
César Manrique in front of outside wall
" Before anything, I consider myself a painter.. "

César Manrique working & living 
"The César Manrique Foundation is located in the studio-home that the artist lived in, situated in Taro de Tahiche (Lanzarote). It is probably the work that best represents Manrique's artistic and personal ideals.."

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"Necrobia Rufipes from the Coleoptera order is one of many necrophagous insects that help in the decomposition of vertebrate cadavers. Its size ranges from 4 to 6 millimeters long.Color pencil on paper, 2015". Read more

 Ana Calheiros da Cunha Duarte Soalheiro, scientific illustration, Portugal