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Albert Einstein with His Wife and Dr Paul Schwarz

“Original caption:Left to right: Mrs. Einstein, Albert Einstein, world famous scientist and exponent of the theory of relativity, and Dr. Paul Schwarz, the German consul in New York, photographed at the new home of the Einsteins at Caputh, near Potsdam, recently. The photo is especially timely in view of the new theory regarding space gradually eating up matter, now being advanced by Professor Einstein.”

“The Caputh house is the only home Einstein ever built and his only residence left in Germany.”

His great passion, boats an fishing

                                             Einstein Summer House in the 1920s 1928-1932

“Albert Einstein was a man without a permanent home…..”

“Caputh’s setting in the rural lake region southwest of Berlin provided a contrast to the bustle of the city…”

He called his house in Caputh a paradise, his Häusle, a place to go and leave one’s cares behind. Although the house is often called a summer home, Einstein lived there for all but the coldest months. From April to November he left his country retreat only to attend lectures or make public appearances. Einstein often said—and his friends and family often confirmed—that he never felt more comfortable and at ease than when there…”

“Not everyone was unwelcome, however. Einstein regularly invited scientists, activists, writers, philosophers, journalists, and artists—many of whom counted among his close friends—to join him in Caputh. Although the atmosphere was informal, the topics of conversation were by no means lightweight, and extended from quantum theory, war, and racism to religion, politics, and Zionism. Interdisciplinary avant la lettre, the socially engaged discussions at Einstein’s house became the very model that the Einstein Forum, sixty years later, was founded to recreate....”


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