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Feel the Atmosphere ...

"It's about creating emotional space,"

The Atmosphere at Pether Zunthor´s Home

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Casa Z Coira is located in Haldestein beside his studio


Reflecting on a childhood recollection of running through a village in springtime, he said:

"This is my first memory of something which I think was pure presence, with no meaning and no history."

"Architecture is not about form, it is about many other things," he said. "The light and the use, and the structure, and the shadow, the smell and so on. I think form is the easiest to control, it can be done at the end."

"...in his Royal Gold Medal lecture at the RIBA in London yesterday, explaining that he believes that light, materials and atmosphere are the most important aspects of architecture..."

 "I'm a passionate architect and I think it's a beautiful profession."
Peter Zumthor, working in his office in Haldenstein, Switzerland, in 2000,

"For me, they should all have atmosphere," 

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