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Gio Ponti, Caracas, 1954
GIO PONTI (1891-1979) was a poet, painter, industrial designer and founding editor of Domus magazine as well as an architect. 
Through his designs and his work at Domus, he was the godfather of Italy's post-war design renaissance.

Gio at Home

When anyone speaks about Gio Ponti, both as man and designer, two phrases are used consistently: joy de vivre and la dolce vita..Read more..
Gio Ponti in his studio

Gio Ponti and his work

"Love architecture, be it ancient or modern. 
Love it for its fantastic, adventurous and solemn creations; for its inventions; for the abstract, allusive and figurative forms that enchant our spirit and enrapture our thoughts. 

Love architecture, the stage and support of our lives."
Living room, Villa Arreaza Caracas, 1956Credits-Design Museum.org
Villa Planchard, Caracas

Other works...by GIO PONTI

Gio Ponti, and the inspiration for the Molteni&amp 

The new collection of furniture designed by Gio Ponti and produced by Molteni&C is a celebration of la dolce vita, which was presented at the latest Milan’s Salone del Mobile furniture fair: “The idea came two years ago when I saw a bookcase that Ponti once had in his house in Via Dezza at Paolo Rosselii’s house”, said Franceca Molteni, who oversaw the project....Read more..

Gio Ponti, Villa Planchard and the inspiration for the Pré Fall 2013 collection by Givenchy

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  1. Very good interior design tips. Installing designer furniture gives a unique style to the space.