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photo via FB & colage by DAzulterrA

Painting, Digital Art, Fine Arts

As an Artist
As an Architect with already a long carrear (www.opera-projects.com), always has been interested by formal and pictorial richness of the "Territory" and "Nature", a theme that has been deepening and exploring in recent years, but now also in a trend of pictorial exploration, not only Architectural.
...This new "path" has been dominating gradually her activity, and, at the present is her main motivation (a kind of artistic purpose, although not yet fully assumed).

The concept and the Genese of this work is a result of a permanent research, which goes through a very personal approach, able to cross the artistic and technological aspects with the potential of what nature offers us, spontaneously.
From this intersection born those Digital Paintings (with a special and a unexpected artístic value), which she calls "Textures Pictóricas_Google" (as captured through Google EarthPro) and using the current technological means, are the result of the merger painting / abstraction / photography / nature / territory ......Read more

TC l Texturas Pictóricas l Google Earth l Salina de Uyuni

TC l Texturas Pictóricas l Google Earth l México

TC l Texturas Pictóricas l Google Earth l Dakota Sul l América do Norte

TC l Texturas Pictóricas l Google Earth l Minera Escondida

TC l Texturas Pictóricas l Google Earth l Minesota

photo by Linkedin & colage by DAzulterrA

As an Architect:
Co-founder of OPERA Design Matters, architectural and Planning office, (www.opera-projects.com), and also of "José Soalheiro & Teresa Castro, Arquictetos, Lda". 
Opera incorporates a carrear with over 25 years and was born by fusion of multiple complementary experiences originated by different professional groups, generator and enhances of value. .Read more

photo & colage by DAzulterrA

Teresa Castro at Home in Lisbon

photo & colage by DAzulterrA 

photos J.P.C. via Facebook & colage by DAzulterrA 

Teresa Castro at Home in Salgado´s Vila

photos by TC via Facebook

photos by J.P.C. via Facebook


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